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Manner of calling, noticing, conducting electionBallotQualification of electors.

The election shall be called upon the same notice and conducted in like manner as other elections of the district: PROVIDED, That when the bondholder's consent to dissolution provides for an adjustment of the bonded debt and/or the terms and method of its payment the notice of election shall recite the substance thereof.
The ballot shall contain the words "For dissolution, Yes" and "For dissolution, No." No person not a qualified elector under the general election laws and a freeholder of the district shall be deemed a qualified elector under this chapter.
[ 1951 c 237 § 5. Prior: 1899 c 102 § 4; RRS § 7534.]


District elections: RCW 87.03.030 through 87.03.110.
Qualification of voters: RCW 87.03.045.
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