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AssessmentsMethods of payment.

The owner of any land within said irrigation district which shall be liable for payment of said refunding bonds shall have the right to pay the same in said annual or semiannual installments or to make payment at any time when installments are due as in this section provided: (1) To pay an amount equal to the amount fixed in said decree determining the maximum benefits under subdivisions (1) and (2) of RCW 87.22.040 or the amount of the unpaid balance of said sums if such payment is not made until one or more installments have been paid, together with the amount fixed by said decree under subdivision (1) of RCW 87.22.040, and thereafter no further assessment shall be levied against such tract of land; (2) to pay the amount of benefits fixed in the decree determining the maximum benefits under subdivision (1) of RCW 87.22.040 or the unpaid balance thereof if such payment is made after one or more installments shall have been paid, with interest on the amount paid to the time of making payment, and thereafter such lands shall not be subject to assessments except to meet delinquencies of principal and/or interest on said bonds, for which purpose additional assessments shall be levied against said tract of land to an amount not exceeding the amount found in the decree fixing the maximum benefits under subdivision (1) of RCW 87.22.040; or (3) to pay any additional installments of the principal with interest accrued on the amount so paid at the time of the payment, and thereafter, in levying assessments against said tracts of land, said owner shall be given credit for such advance payment. The treasurer of the proper county shall have authority to receive for the benefit of the refunding bond fund of the district the payments herein authorized to be made.
[ 1931 c 42 § 5; 1929 c 120 § 32; RRS § 7530-32. FORMER PART OF SECTION: 1931 c 42 § 6; 1929 c 120 § 33; RRS § 7530-33, now codified as RCW 87.22.245.]
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