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Certificates of delinquencyPosting of certificates.

(1) After thirty-six calendar months from the month of the date of delinquency, or twenty-four months from the month of the date of delinquency with respect to any local improvement district assessment, the treasurer shall prepare certificates of delinquency on the property for the unpaid irrigation district assessments, and for costs and interest. An individual certificate of delinquency may be prepared for each property or the individual certificates may be compiled and issued in one general certificate including all delinquent properties. Each certificate shall contain the following information:
(a) Description of the property assessed;
(b) Street address of property, if available;
(c) Years for which assessed;
(d) Amount of delinquent assessments, costs, and interest;
(e) Name appearing on the treasurer's most current assessment roll for the property; and
(f) A statement that interest will be charged on the amount listed in (d) of this subsection at a rate of twelve percent per year, computed monthly and without compounding, from the date of the issuance of the certificate and that additional costs, incurred as a result of the delinquency, will be imposed, including the costs of a title search.
(2) The treasurer may provide for the posting of the certificates or other measures designed to advertise the certificates and encourage the payment of the amounts due.
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