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On such assessment roll in separate columns, must be specified under the appropriate headings:
(1) The reputed owner of the property assessed. If the reputed owner is not known to the secretary, the reputed owner may be stated as "unknown";
(2) The description of the land of the reputed or unknown owner sufficiently definite to identify the land. Where the land is described in the records of the county assessor's office in terms of the assessor's plat tax number, such designation shall be sufficient description of such land on the district's assessment roll. In instances where the district has adopted the alternative method of determining the ratio of benefits as herein authorized the secretary shall annually revise and specify in an appropriate column on the roll the cash value of the respective tracts of lands, including improvements thereon, described on the roll;
(3) The estimated assessable acreage of such respective lands;
(4) The designated classification and their respective ratios of benefits shown on the base assessment map in which the land is situated, with the per acre final ratio or percentage upon which every acre or fraction thereof of the respective lands are to be charged with assessments;
(5) The total amount of the assessment in dollars and cents against each tract of land.
[ 1937 c 72 § 157; RRS § 9663E-157. Formerly RCW 86.08.520, part.]
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