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The county legislative authority or authorities shall cause an election on the question of creating the special district to be held if findings as provided in RCW 85.38.050 are made. The county legislative authority or authorities shall designate a time and date for such election, which shall be one of the special election dates provided for in RCW 29A.04.330, together with the site or sites at which votes may be cast. The persons allowed to vote on the creation of a special district shall be those persons who, if the special district were created, would be qualified voters of the special district as described in RCW 85.38.010. The county auditor or auditors of the counties within which the proposed special district is located shall conduct the election and prepare a list of presumed eligible voters.
Notices for the election shall be published as provided in RCW 85.38.040. The special district shall be created if the proposition to create the special district is approved by a simple majority vote of the voters voting on the proposition and the special district may assume operations whenever the initial members of the governing body are appointed as provided in RCW 85.38.070.
Any special district created after July 28, 1985, may only have special assessments measured and imposed, and budgets adopted, as provided in RCW 85.38.140 through 85.38.170.
If the special district is created, the county or counties may charge the special district for the costs incurred by the county engineer or engineers pursuant to RCW 85.38.030 and the costs of the auditor or auditors related to the election to authorize the creation of the special district pursuant to this section. Such county actions shall be deemed to be special benefits of the property located within the special district that are paid through the imposition of special assessments.
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