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Judicial reviewFiling of transcript, objections, resolutionFiling feesNo bond requiredNotice of hearing and trial.

Within ten days after the filing of such petition for review, the board, unless the court shall grant additional time, shall file with the clerk of such court its certified transcript containing such portion of the roll as is subject to review, any written objections thereto filed with the board by the petitioner before such roll was adopted, and a copy of the resolution adopting the roll. The filing fee shall be a cost recoverable by petitioner against the district.
The clerk of the court shall charge the same filing fees for petitions for review as in other civil actions. The appellant need not file any bond to cause review to be had by the superior court. The court shall, on motion of either party to the cause, with notice to the other party, set the same for hearing and trial without jury at the earliest time available.
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