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Assessment of state lands.

Any of the state, school, or granted land within the district, shall also be assessed the same as other lands are assessed in proportion to the benefit, but any such lands shall not be sold for delinquencies, but the amount of the assessment shall be paid by the state at the time, in the manner, under the circumstances, and in accordance with the provisions of the act relating to the payment by the state of assessments made on state, school and granted lands for the construction and maintenance of dikes and drains benefiting such lands, approved March 5, 1907; Laws of 1907, pp. 125-126.
[ 1909 c 225 § 15; RRS § 4375. Formerly RCW 85.24.270, part.]


Reviser's note: The 1907 act referred to herein appears to be superseded by chapter 164, Laws of 1919 codified as chapter 79.44 RCW. See Paine v. State, 156 Wash. 31, 40, 286 P. 89, 93 (1930). See also reviser's notes following RCW 85.05.110 and 85.06.110.
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