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Additional powers relating to diking and drainage worksDuties of department of transportation.

(1) The commissioners of any drainage or diking district shall have power, on behalf of the district, to acquire, place, repair and maintain, dikes and dams, ditches, drains and outlets therefor, together with right-of-way therefor and access thereto, or obtain rights therein or full or joint use and maintenance thereof, when deemed by them necessary or beneficial for the protection of the district's system or its improvements, by eminent domain, purchase, or contract, with the owners or other districts through their commissioners, or other entities or persons together with power to contract by and with other districts or entities with reference to such matters and their performance.
(2) If the commissioners of any drainage or diking district determine that repair or maintenance is required on any drainage facilities, including dikes and dams, ditches, and drains and outlets, that are on land owned by or under the jurisdiction of the department of transportation, they may give notice in writing to the department requesting that the department make the necessary repair or maintenance pursuant to the department's obligations under RCW 47.01.260. If the specified repair or maintenance is not conducted by the department within fourteen days upon receipt of the notice, the district commissioners may independently make the repair or maintenance. The department shall then reimburse the district for all reasonable costs incurred by the district associated with the repair or maintenance.
(3) The provisions of this section shall be construed as cumulative and shall not derogate from any other powers authorized by law for such districts.
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