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Tax to pay cost on dismissal.

In the event of the dismissal of said proceedings and the rendition of judgment against said district, as hereinbefore provided, said diking commissioners shall levy a tax upon all of the real estate within said district, taking as a basis the last equalized assessment of said real estate for state and county purposes, sufficient to pay said judgment, and the cost of levying said tax, and shall cause said tax roll to be filed in the office of the clerk of the superior court in which such judgment was rendered. If said tax is not paid within sixty days after the filing of said tax roll, the court shall, upon the application of any party interested, direct said real estate to be sold in payment of said tax, said sale to be made in the same manner and by the same officer, as is or may be provided by law for the sale of real estate for taxes for general purposes; and the same rate of redemption shall exist as in the sale of real estate for the payment of taxes for general purposes.
[ 1895 c 117 § 17; RRS § 4266. Formerly RCW 85.04.075, part.]
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