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Reducing valuation after government restrictionPetitioning assessorEstablishing new valuationNoticeAppealRefund.

(1) The owner or person responsible for payment of taxes on any real property may petition the assessor for a reduction in the assessed value of the real property at any time within three years of adoption of a restriction by a government entity.
(2) Notwithstanding the revaluation cycle for the county, the assessor shall reconsider the valuation of the real property within one hundred twenty days of the filing of a petition under subsection (1) of this section. If the new valuation is established for the real property after this review, the assessor shall notify the property owner in the manner provided in RCW 84.40.045. Unless the real property would otherwise be revalued that year as a result of the revaluation cycle or new construction, the valuation of the real property shall not be increased as a result of this revaluation. If the new valuation is established after June 1st in any year, the new valuation shall be used for purposes of imposing property taxes in the following year, but the property owner shall be eligible for a refund under RCW 84.69.020.
(3) A new valuation established under this section may be appealed under RCW 84.40.038.
(4) If the assessor reduces the valuation of real property using the process under this section, the property owner shall be entitled to a refund on property taxes paid on this property calculated as follows:
(a) A property owner is entitled to receive a refund for each year after the restriction was adopted, but not to exceed three years, that the taxpayer paid property taxes on the real property based upon the prior higher valuation; and
(b) The amount of the refund in each year shall be the amount of reduced valuation on the real property for that year, multiplied by the rate of property taxes imposed on the property in that year.
(5) As used in this section, "restriction" means a limitation, requirement, regulation, or restriction that limits the use of the property, including those imposed by the application of ordinances, resolutions, rules, regulations, policies, statutes, and conditions of land use approval.
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