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County option to merge timberland and designated forestland programs.

(1) A county legislative authority may opt to merge its timberland classification with its designated forestland program. To merge the programs, the authority must enact an ordinance that:
(a) Terminates the timberland classification; and
(b) Declares that the land that had been classified as timberland is designated forestland under chapter 84.33 RCW.
(2) After a county timberland program is terminated:
(a) Land that had been classified as timberland within the county is deemed to be designated forestland under the provisions of RCW 84.33.130(1) and is no longer considered to be classified timberland for the purposes of this chapter; and
(b) Any agreement prepared by the granting authority when an application was approved classifying land as timberland is terminated and no longer in effect.
(3) A county must notify the department after taking action under this section. The department must maintain a list of all counties that have provided this notice on their agency internet website.
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