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(1) The department of revenue shall designate areas containing timber having similar growing, harvesting, and marketing conditions to be used as units for the preparation and application of stumpage values. Each year on or before December 31 for use the following January through June 30, and on or before June 30 for use the following July through December 31, the department shall prepare tables of stumpage values of each species or subclassification of timber within these units. The stumpage value shall be the amount that each such species or subclassification would sell for at a voluntary sale made in the ordinary course of business for purposes of immediate harvest. These stumpage values, expressed in terms of a dollar amount per thousand board feet or other unit measure, shall be determined in a manner which makes reasonable and adequate allowances for age, size, quality, costs of removal, accessibility to point of conversion, market conditions, and all other relevant factors from:
(a) Gross proceeds from sales on the stump of similar timber of like quality and character at similar locations, and in similar quantities;
(b) Gross proceeds from sales of logs adjusted to reflect only the portion of such proceeds attributable to value on the stump immediately prior to harvest; or
(c) A combination of (a) and (b) of this subsection.
(2) Upon application from any person who plans to harvest damaged timber, the stumpage values for which have been materially reduced from the values shown in the applicable tables due to damage resulting from fire, blow down, ice storm, flood, or other sudden unforeseen cause, the department shall revise the stumpage value tables for any area in which such timber is located and shall specify any additional accounting or other requirements to be complied with in reporting and paying the tax.
(3) The preliminary area designations and stumpage value tables and any revisions thereof are subject to review by the ways and means committees of the house of representatives and senate prior to finalization. Tables of stumpage values shall be signed by the director or the director's designee. A copy thereof shall be mailed to anyone who has submitted to the department a written request for a copy.
(4) On or before the sixtieth day after the date of final adoption of any stumpage value tables, any harvester may appeal to the board of tax appeals for a revision of stumpage values for an area determined pursuant to subsection (3) of this section.


SavingsEffective date1984 c 204: See notes following RCW 84.33.035.
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