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Transportation infrastructure accountHighway infrastructure accountFindingIntentPurpose1996 c 262.

The legislature finds that new financing mechanisms are necessary to provide greater flexibility and additional funds for needed transportation infrastructure projects in the state. The creation of a financing mechanism, like the one contained in section 350 of the national highway system designation act of 1995, P.L. 104-59, relating to a state infrastructure bank program, will enable the state and local jurisdictions to use federal, state, local, or private funds to construct surface transportation projects for various modes of transportation. It is the intent of the legislature that accounts be created in the state treasury and dedicated funding sources be established to generate revenue to support transportation projects financed with the proceeds of bonds or other financial instruments issued against this dedicated revenue and other revenues which may be available to these accounts. P.L. 104-59 allows the deposit of certain federal highway and transit funds into these accounts to leverage other forms of investment in transportation infrastructure by expanding the eligible uses of the federal funds. Other public and private entities may also deposit funds into these accounts to leverage transportation investments. The purpose of chapter 262, Laws of 1996 is to provide, from these accounts, authorization for loans, grants, or other means of assistance, in amounts equal to all or part of the cost, to public or private entities building surface transportation facilities in this state. It is the further intent of the legislature that projects representing critical mobility or economic development needs and involving various transportation modes and jurisdictions receive top priority in the use of these funds. Funds from the accounts created in chapter 262, Laws of 1996 may be used to support the issuance of public or private debt, to provide credit enhancement for such debt, for direct loans to public or private entities, or for other purposes necessary to facilitate investment in surface transportation facilities in this state.


Effective date1996 c 262: See note following RCW 82.44.190.
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