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Refund to aeronautics account.

At least once each fiscal year, the director must request the state treasurer to refund from the motor vehicle fund, to the aeronautics account created under RCW 82.42.090, an amount equal to 0.028 percent of the gross motor vehicle fuel tax less an amount equal to aircraft fuel taxes transferred to that account as a result of nonhighway refunds claimed by motor fuel purchasers. The refund is considered compensation for unclaimed motor vehicle fuel that is used in aircraft for purposes taxable under RCW 82.42.020. The director must also remit from the motor vehicle fund the taxes required by RCW 82.12.0256(2)(d) for the unclaimed refunds, provided that the sum of the amount refunded and the amount remitted in accordance with RCW 82.12.0256(2)(d) does not exceed the unclaimed refunds.


Effective date2013 c 225: See note following RCW 82.38.010.
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