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Transport of tobacco productsRequirementsVehicle inspection.

(1) No person other than (a) a licensed distributor in the distributor's own vehicle, a manufacturer's representative authorized to sell or distribute tobacco products in this state under RCW 82.26.210, or a licensed retailer in the retailer's own vehicle, or (b) a person who has given notice to the board in advance of the commencement of transportation shall transport or cause to be transported in this state tobacco products for sale.
(2) When transporting tobacco products for sale, the person shall have in his or her actual possession, or cause to have in the actual possession of those persons transporting such tobacco products on his or her behalf, invoices or delivery tickets for the tobacco products, which shall show the true name and address of the consignor or seller, the true name and address of the consignee or purchaser, and the quantity and brands of the tobacco products being transported.
(3) In any case where the department or the board, or any peace officer of the state, has knowledge or reasonable grounds to believe that any vehicle is transporting tobacco products in violation of this section, the department, the board, or peace officer, is authorized to stop the vehicle and to inspect it for contraband tobacco products.


Effective date2005 c 180: See note following RCW 82.26.105.
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