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Sales and use tax for stadium and exhibition centerDeduction from tax otherwise requiredTransfer and deposit of revenues.

(1) The legislative authority of a county that has created a public stadium authority to develop a stadium and exhibition center under RCW 36.102.050 may impose a sales and use tax in accordance with this chapter. The tax is in addition to other taxes authorized by law and shall be collected from those persons who are taxable by the state under chapters 82.08 and 82.12 RCW upon the occurrence of any taxable event within the county. The rate of tax shall be 0.016 percent of the selling price in the case of a sales tax or value of the article used in the case of a use tax.
(2) The tax imposed under subsection (1) of this section shall be deducted from the amount of tax otherwise required to be collected or paid over to the department of revenue under chapter 82.08 or 82.12 RCW. The department of revenue shall perform the collection of such taxes on behalf of the county at no cost to the county.
(3) Before the issuance of bonds in RCW 43.99N.020, all revenues collected on behalf of the county under this section shall be transferred to the public stadium authority. After bonds are issued under RCW 43.99N.020, all revenues collected on behalf of the county under this section shall be deposited in the stadium and exhibition center account under RCW 43.99N.060.
(4) The definitions in RCW 36.102.010 apply to this section.
(5) This section expires on the earliest of the following dates:
(a) December 31, 1999, if the conditions for issuance of bonds under RCW 43.99N.020 have not been met before that date;
(b) The date on which all bonds issued under RCW 43.99N.020 have been retired; or
(c) Twenty-three years after the date the tax under this section is first imposed.
[ 1997 c 220 § 204 (Referendum Bill No. 48, approved June 17, 1997).]


Reviser's note: The contingency in subsection (5)(c) of this section appears to have occurred August 1, 2020, causing this section to expire August 1, 2020.
ReferendumOther legislation limitedLegislators' personal intent not indicatedReimbursements for electionVoters' pamphlet, election requirements1997 c 220: See RCW 36.102.800 through 36.102.803.
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