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DeductionsSales of fuel for consumption outside United States' waters by vessels in foreign commerce.

(1) In computing tax there may be deducted from the measure of tax imposed under RCW 82.04.250 and 82.04.270 amounts derived from sales of fuel for consumption outside the territorial waters of the United States, by vessels used primarily in foreign commerce.
(2) The deduction in subsection (1) of this section does not apply with respect to the tax imposed under RCW 82.04.240, whether the value of the fuel under that tax is measured by the gross proceeds derived from the sale thereof or otherwise under RCW 82.04.450.


IntentFinding2009 c 494: "(1) Through this act the legislature intends to address the taxation of persons manufacturing and/or selling bunker fuel. Bunker fuel is fuel intended for consumption outside the waters of the United States by vessels in foreign commerce. Although the state has historically collected tax from bunker fuel manufacturers, recently questions have arisen whether the manufacture of bunker fuel is subject to business and occupation tax under RCW 82.04.240. Pursuant to this act, the activity is taxable under RCW 82.04.240.
(2) The legislature finds that at the time the deduction allowed under RCW 82.04.433 was enacted in 1985, it was intended to apply only to the wholesaling or retailing of bunker fuel. In 1987 the legislature enacted the multiple activities tax credit in RCW 82.04.440. Enactment of the multiple activities tax credit resulted in changed tax liability for certain taxpayers. In particular, some taxpayers that engaged in activities that had been exempt under the prior multiple activities exemption became subject to tax on manufacturing activities upon enactment of the multiple activities tax credit in its place. The manufacturing of bunker fuel is one such activity." [ 2009 c 494 § 1.]
Administration2009 c 494: "The department of revenue must take any actions that are necessary to ensure that its rules and other interpretive statements are consistent with this act." [ 2009 c 494 § 3.]
Application2009 c 494: "This act applies both prospectively and retroactively." [ 2009 c 494 § 4.]
Effective date2009 c 494: "This act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety, or support of the state government and its existing public institutions, and takes effect immediately [May 14, 2009]." [ 2009 c 494 § 6.]
SeverabilityEffective date1985 c 471: See notes following RCW 82.04.260.
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