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(1) The intent of chapter 191, Laws of 2000 is to protect the health and safety of the citizens of the state of Washington and the quality of the state's environment by developing and implementing environmental and public safety measures applicable to persons transporting hazardous liquids and gas by pipeline within the state of Washington. The legislature finds that public safety and the environment may best be protected by adopting standards that are equal to, or more stringent than, those adopted by the federal government, so long as they do not impermissibly interfere with interstate commerce.
(2) The legislature recognizes that additional federal authority is needed to implement a comprehensive pipeline safety program and by chapter 191, Laws of 2000 and other measures directs the state to seek that authority.
(3) It is also the intent of the legislature that the governor work with the state congressional delegation in seeking:
(a) To amend the federal pipeline safety act to delegate authority to qualified states to adopt and enforce standards equal to or more stringent than federal standards;
(b) State authority to administer and enforce federal requirements related to pipeline safety; and
(c) Higher levels of funding for state and federal pipeline safety activities and for states to respond to pipeline accident emergencies.
(4) While the legislature acknowledges that serious accidents have occurred for hazardous liquid and gas pipelines in this nation and elsewhere, it recognizes that there are fundamental differences between hazardous liquid pipelines and gas pipelines and that a different system of safety regulations must be applied for each kind of pipeline.
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