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Cancellation, suspension, and alteration of permitsNotice by household goods carriers.

(1) Permits may be canceled, suspended, altered, or amended by the commission upon complaint by any interested party, or upon the commission's own motion after notice and opportunity for hearing, when the permittee or permittee's agent has repeatedly violated this chapter, the rules and regulations of the commission, or the motor laws of this state or of the United States, or the household goods carrier has made unlawful rebates or has not conducted its operation in accordance with the permit. The commission may enjoin any person from any violation of this chapter, or any order, rule, or regulation made by the commission pursuant to the terms hereof. If the suit is instituted by the commission, a bond is not required as a condition to the issuance of the injunction.
(2) When the commission has canceled a household goods carrier permit, the carrier must, when directed by the commission, provide notice to every customer that its permit has been canceled, and provide proof of such notice to the commission.
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