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Supervision and regulation by commission.

The commission shall supervise and regulate every solid waste collection company in this state,
(1) By fixing and altering its rates, charges, classifications, rules and regulations;
(2) By regulating the accounts, service, and safety of operations;
(3) By requiring the filing of annual and other reports and data;
(4) By supervising and regulating such persons or companies in all other matters affecting the relationship between them and the public which they serve;
(5) By requiring compliance with local solid waste management plans and related implementation ordinances;
(6) By requiring certificate holders under chapter 81.77 RCW to use rate structures and billing systems consistent with the solid waste management priorities set forth under RCW 70A.205.005 and the minimum levels of solid waste collection and recycling services pursuant to local comprehensive solid waste management plans. The commission may order consolidated billing and provide for reasonable and necessary expenses to be paid to the administering company if more than one certificate is granted in an area.
The commission, on complaint made on its own motion or by an aggrieved party, at any time, after providing the holder of any certificate with notice and an opportunity for a hearing at which it shall be proven that the holder has willfully violated or refused to observe any of the commission's orders, rules, or regulations, or has failed to operate as a solid waste collection company for a period of at least one year preceding the filing of the complaint, may suspend, revoke, alter, or amend any certificate issued under the provisions of this chapter.
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