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Pilotage servicesTariffsCommission shall establishDuties.

(1) The commission shall establish in tariffs the rates for pilotage services provided under chapter 88.16 RCW.
(2) The commission shall maintain a list of persons who have indicated to the commission a desire to be notified of any potential change in pilotage tariffs and in any proposed rules regarding the setting of pilotage tariffs.
(3) The commission shall ensure that the tariffs provide rates that are fair, just, reasonable, and sufficient for the provision of pilotage services.
(4) In setting tariffs, the commission may fix extra compensation for extra services to vessels in distress, for awaiting vessels, for all vessels in direct transit to or from a Canadian port where Puget Sound pilotage is required for a portion of the voyage, or for being carried to sea on vessels against the will of the pilot, and for such other services as may be determined by the board. In setting tariffs, the commission must include a tariff surcharge to fund the stipend the board of pilotage commissioners is authorized to pay to pilot trainees and to use in its pilot training program under RCW 88.16.035. As an element of the Puget Sound pilotage district tariff, the commission may consider pilot retirement expenses incurred in the prior year in the Puget Sound pilotage district. However, under no circumstances shall the state be obligated to fund or pay for any portion of retirement payments for pilots or retired pilots.
(5) In exercising duties under this section, the commission may:
(a) Request assistance from the board;
(b) Assign an administrative law judge to handle the proceeding and prepare an initial order, which the commission may review pursuant to RCW 34.05.464, or assign an administrative law judge as a facilitator for settlement purposes; and
(c) Adopt rules or issue orders to implement the provisions of chapter 107, Laws of 2018.


Effective date2018 c 107: See note following RCW 88.16.055.
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