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Collaboration by authority and state on projects of shared interestCooperation with groups for youth recreational activities.

*** CHANGE IN 2023 *** (SEE 1066.SL) ***
(1) If the authority and state agencies find it mutually beneficial to do so, they are authorized to collaborate and cooperate on projects of shared interest. Agencies authorized to collaborate with the authority include but are not limited to: The commission for activities and projects related to public recreation; the department of agriculture for projects related to the equine agricultural industry; the *department of community, trade, and economic development with respect to community and economic development and tourism issues associated with development of the state horse park; Washington State University with respect to opportunities for animal research, education, and extension; the department of ecology with respect to opportunities for making the state horse park's waste treatment facilities a demonstration model for the handling of waste to protect water quality; and with local community colleges with respect to programs related to horses, economic development, business, and tourism.
(2) The authority shall cooperate with 4-H clubs, pony clubs, youth groups, and local park departments to provide youth recreational activities. The authority shall also provide for preferential use of an area of the horse park facility for youth and the disabled at nominal cost.
[ 1995 c 200 § 6. Formerly RCW 67.18.050.]


*Reviser's note: The "department of community, trade, and economic development" was renamed the "department of commerce" by 2009 c 565.
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