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Washington invasive species councilStatewide strategic plan.

(1) The council shall develop and periodically update a statewide strategic plan for addressing invasive species. The strategic plan should incorporate the reports and activities of the aquatic nuisance species committee, the state noxious weed control board, and other appropriate reports and activities. In addition, the council must coordinate with the biodiversity council created in Executive Order 04-02 to ensure that a statewide strategy for the control of invasive species is integrated into the thirty-year strategy for biodiversity conservation that the biodiversity council must submit to the legislature in 2007.
(2) The strategic plan must, at a minimum, address:
(a) Statewide coordination and intergovernmental cooperation;
(b) Prevention of new biological invasions through deliberate or unintentional introduction;
(c) Inventory and monitoring of invasive species;
(d) Early detection of and rapid response to new invasions;
(e) Control, management, and eradication of established populations of invasive species;
(f) Projects that can be implemented during the period covered by the strategic plan for the control, management, and eradication of new or established populations of invasive species;
(g) Revegetation, reclamation, or restoration of native species following control or eradication of invasive species;
(h) Tools that can be made available to assist state agencies that are responsible for managing public land to control invasive noxious weeds and recommendations as to how the agencies should be held responsible for the failure to control invasive noxious weeds;
(i) Research and public education;
(j) Funding and resources available for invasive species prevention, control, and management; and
(k) Recommendations for legislation necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.
(3) The strategic plan must be updated at least once every three years following its initial development. The strategic plan must be submitted to the governor and appropriate committees of the legislature by September 15th of each applicable year. The council shall complete the initial strategic plan within two years of June 7, 2006.
(4) Each state department and agency named to the council shall, consistent with state law, make best efforts to implement elements of the completed plan that are applicable to the department or agency.
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