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Notice to state of intention to improve, or impose assessmentConsentNotice to port commission.

Notice of the intention to make such improvement, or impose any assessment, together with the estimate of the amount to be charged to each lot, tract or parcel of land, or other property owned by the state to be assessed, shall be forwarded by registered or certified mail to the chief administrative officer of the agency of state government occupying, using, or having jurisdiction over such lands at least thirty days prior to the date fixed for hearing on the resolution or petition initiating the assessment. Such assessing district, shall not have jurisdiction to order such improvement as to the interest of the state in harbor areas and state tidelands until the written consent of the commissioner of public lands to the making of such improvement shall have been obtained, unless other means be provided for paying that portion of the cost which would otherwise be levied on the interest of the state of Washington in and to those tidelands, and nothing herein shall prevent the city from assessing the proportionate cost of the improvement against any leasehold, contractual, or possessory interest in and to any tideland or harbor area owned by the state: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That in the case of tidelands and harbor areas within the boundaries of any port district, notice of intention to make such improvement shall also be forwarded to the commissioners of the port district.
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