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Acquisition of forestland—Requisites.

The department shall take such steps as it deems advisable for locating and acquiring lands suitable for state forests and reforestation. Acquisitions made pursuant to this section shall be at no more than fair market value. No lands shall ever be acquired by the department except upon the approval of the title by the attorney general and on a conveyance being made to the state of Washington by good and sufficient deed. No forestlands shall be designated, purchased, or acquired by the department unless the area so designated or the area to be acquired shall, in the judgment of the department, be of sufficient acreage and so located that it can be economically administered for forest development purposes.
[ 2000 c 148 s 1; 1988 c 128 s 28; 1923 c 154 s 4; RRS s 5812-4. Prior: 1921 c 169 s 1, part. Formerly RCW 76.12.080.]
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