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List of potential sources of forest biomass on state lands.

(1) The department may maintain a list of all potential sources of forest biomass on state lands for the purposes of identifying and making forest biomass, as defined in RCW 79.02.010, available for sale, exploration, collection, processing, storage, stockpiling, and conversion into energy, biofuels, for use in a biorefinery, or any other similar use. Prior to entering an agreement authorized by RCW 79.150.030(1) or 79.150.040, the department shall complete an inventory of the available biomass in the area that will be subject to the agreement, except that no inventory will be required as a prerequisite for demonstration projects authorized pursuant to RCW 43.30.835. The inventory must contain, at a minimum, an estimated amount of the forest biomass available in the area that will be subject to the agreement and a determination of the ecological and operational sustainability of the volumetric limit established by the agreement under RCW 79.150.030(5).
(2) The data developed for each inventoried area will be compiled for the list authorized by this section. In order to utilize the list to limit or terminate any agreement authorized under chapter 126, Laws of 2010, the department must determine that the overall supply of forest biomass in a region or watershed has been reduced to a point such that further exploration and collection of forest biomass may not be ecologically or operationally sustainable or might otherwise threaten long-term forest health.
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