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Prior permits validatedRelinquishment for new leases.

All exploration permits issued by the department prior to June 9, 1955, which have not expired or been legally canceled for nonperformance by the permittees, are hereby declared to be valid and existing contracts with the state of Washington, according to their terms and provisions. The obligation of the state to conform to the terms and provisions of such permits is hereby recognized, and the department is directed to accept and recognize all such permits according to their express terms and provisions. No repeal or amendment made by this chapter shall affect any right acquired under the law as it existed prior to such repeal or amendment, and such right shall be governed by the law in effect at time of its acquisition. Any permit recognized and confirmed by this section may be relinquished to the state by the permittee, and a new lease or, if such permit contains more than six hundred forty acres, new leases in the form provided for in this chapter, shall be issued in lieu of same and without bonus therefor; but the new lease or leases so issued shall be as provided for in this chapter and governed by the applicable provisions of this chapter instead of by the law in effect prior thereto.


Intent2003 c 334: See note following RCW 79.02.010.
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