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Location of placer claims.

The discoverer of placers or other forms of deposits subject to location and appropriation under mining laws applicable to placers shall locate his or her claim in the following manner:
First. He or she must immediately post in a conspicuous place at the point of discovery thereon, a notice or certificate of location thereof, containing (1) the name of the claim; (2) the name of the locator or locators; (3) the date of discovery and posting of the notice hereinbefore provided for, which shall be considered as the date of the location; (4) a description of the claim by reference to legal subdivisions of sections, if the location is made in conformity with the public surveys, otherwise, a description with reference to some natural object or permanent monuments as will identify the claim; and where such claim is located by legal subdivisions of the public surveys, such location shall, notwithstanding that fact, be marked by the locator upon the ground the same as other locations.
Second. Within thirty days from the date of such discovery, he or she must record such notice or certificate of location in the office of the auditor of the county in which such discovery is made, and so distinctly mark his or her location on the ground that its boundaries may be readily traced.
Third. Within sixty days from the date of discovery, the discoverer shall perform labor upon such location or claim in developing the same to an amount which shall be equivalent in the aggregate to at least ten dollars worth of such labor for each twenty acres, or fractional part thereof, contained in such location or claim: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That nothing in this subdivision shall be held to apply to lands located under the laws of the United States as placer claims for the purpose of the development of petroleum and natural gas and other natural oil products.
Fourth. Such locator shall, upon the performance of such labor, file with the auditor of the county an affidavit showing such performance and generally the nature and kind of work so done.
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