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Right of stockholder to enter and examine property.

Any owner of stock to the amount of one thousand shares, in any corporation doing business under the laws of the state of Washington for the purposes of mining, shall, at all hours of business or labor on or about the premises or property of such corporation, have the right to enter upon such property and examine the same, either on the surface or underground. And it is hereby made the duty of any and all officers, managers, agents, superintendents, or persons in charge, to allow any such stockholder to enter upon and examine any of the property of such corporation at any time during the hours of business or labor; and the presentation of certificates of stock in the corporation of the amount of one thousand shares, to the officer or person in charge, shall be prima facie evidence of ownership and right to enter upon or into, and make examinations of the property of the corporation.
[ 1901 c 120 § 1; RRS § 8612.]
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