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No stock subscription necessary.

In incorporations already formed, or which may hereafter be formed under *this chapter, where the amount of the capital stock of such corporation consists of the aggregate valuation of the whole number of feet, shares, or interest in any mining claim in this state, for the working and development of which such corporation shall be or have been formed, no actual subscription to the capital stock of such corporation shall be necessary; but each owner in said mining claim shall be deemed to have subscribed such an amount to the capital stock of such corporation as under its bylaws will represent the value of so much of his or her interest in said mining claim, the legal title to which he or she may by deed, deed of trust, or other instrument vest, or have vested in such corporation for mining purposes; such subscription to be deemed to have been made on the execution and delivery to such corporation of such deed, deed of trust, or other instrument; nor shall the validity of any assessment levied by the board of trustees of such corporation be affected by the reason of the fact that the full amount of the capital stock of such corporation, as mentioned in its certificate of incorporation, shall not have been subscribed as provided in this section: PROVIDED, That the greater portion of said amount of capital stock shall have been so subscribed: AND, PROVIDED FURTHER, That this section shall not be so construed as to prohibit the stockholders of any corporation formed, or which may be formed, for mining purposes as provided in this section, from regulating the mode of making subscriptions to its capital stock and calling in the same by bylaws or express contract.
[ 2013 c 23 § 247; Code 1881 § 2446; 1873 p 407 § 26; 1869 p 339 § 28; 1866 p 65 § 28; RRS § 8611.]


*Reviser's note: The two remaining sections of "this chapter" (Code 1881 c CLXXXV) are codified in RCW 78.04.030 above and RCW 90.16.010.
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