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Rapid response management actions.

(1) The department may implement rapid response management actions where a prohibited level 1 species is detected in or on a water body or property. Rapid response management actions may: Include expedited actions to contain, control, or eradicate the prohibited species; and, if applicable, be implemented in conjunction with a quarantine declaration. Rapid response management actions must be terminated by the department when it determines that the targeted prohibited level 1 species are:
(a) Eradicated;
(b) Contained or controlled without need for further management actions;
(c) Reclassified for that water body; or
(d) Being managed under infested site management actions pursuant to RCW 77.135.070.
(2) If a rapid response management action exceeds seven days, the department may implement an incident command system for rapid response management including scope, duration, and types of actions and to support mutual assistance and cooperation between the department and other affected state and federal agencies, tribes, local governments, and private water body or property owners. The purpose of this system is to coordinate a rapid, effective, and efficient response to contain, control, and eradicate if feasible, a prohibited level 1 species. Mutual assistance and coordination by other state agencies is especially important to assist the department in expediting necessary state and federal environmental permits.
(3) The department may enter into cooperative agreements with national, regional, state, and local rapid response management action partners to establish incident command system structures, secure or prepare submission-ready environmental permits, and identify mutual assistance commitments in preparation for potential future actions.
(4) The department may perform simulated rapid response exercises, testing, or other training activities to prepare for future rapid response management actions.
(5) In implementing rapid response management actions, the department may enter upon property consistent with the process established under RCW 77.135.170.


Findings2014 c 202: See note following RCW 77.135.010.
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