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Washington salmon stamp programCreation.

(1) The Washington salmon stamp program is created in the department. The purpose of the program is the creation of a stamp that will portray a salmonid species native to Washington and will be used for stamps, prints, and posters that can be sold in a wide range of prices and editions to appeal to citizens and collectors interested in supporting salmon restoration. The proceeds from the sale of the Washington salmon stamp shall be used for protection, preservation, and restoration of salmonid habitat in Washington.
(2) Every year the department will announce competition, open to all Washington artists, for the creation of the year's Washington salmon stamp. The department will market the stamp and prints through a wide distribution method including websites, license sites, and at public events.
(3) The winning artist will receive a monetary award and a certain number of artist proof prints.


Finding1999 c 342: See note following RCW 77.12.850.
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