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The words and phrases herein used, unless the same be clearly contrary to or inconsistent with the context of this chapter or the section in which used, shall be construed as follows:
(1) "Booming equipment" includes boom sticks and boom chains.
(2) "Brand" means a unique symbol or mark placed on or in forest products for the purpose of identifying ownership.
(3) "Catch brand" means a mark or brand used by a person as an identifying mark placed upon forest products and booming equipment previously owned by another.
(4) "Department" means the department of natural resources.
(5) "Forest products" means logs, spars, piles, and poles, boom sticks, and shingle bolts and every form into which a fallen tree may be cut before it is manufactured into lumber or run through a sawmill, shingle mill, or tie mill, or cut into cord wood, stove wood, or hewn ties.
(6) "Person" includes the plural and all corporations, foreign and domestic, copartnerships, firms, and associations of persons.
(7) "Waters of this state" includes any and all bodies of fresh and salt water within the jurisdiction of the state capable of being used for the transportation or storage of forest products, including all rivers and lakes and their tributaries, harbors, bays, bayous, and marshes.
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