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Implementation of hazard-reduction measuresElectionNotice and application for cost-sharing fundsInspectionLetter of complianceLimitations on liability.

(1) When a forestland owner elects to implement the recommended hazard-reduction measures, the landowner shall notify the department and apply for cost-sharing funds. Upon completion, the department shall inspect the remedial measures undertaken by the forestland owner. If, in the department's opinion, the remedial measures have been properly implemented, the department shall promptly transmit a letter to the landowner stating that the landowner has complied with the hazard-reduction measures.
(2) Forestland owners, public and private, of hazard-reduction sites reviewed by the department and who have complied with the department's recommendations for sites which require action shall not be liable for any personal injuries or property damage, occurring on or off the property reviewed, arising from mass earth movements or fluvial processes associated with the hazard-reduction site reviewed. The limitation on liability contained in this subsection shall also cover personal injuries or property damage arising from mass earth movements or fluvial processes which are associated with those areas disturbed by activities required to acquire site access and to execute the plan when such activities are approved as part of a hazard-reduction plan. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this subsection, a landowner may be liable when the landowner had actual knowledge of a dangerous artificial latent condition on the property that was not disclosed to the department.
(3) The exercise by the department of its authority, duties, and responsibilities provided for developing and implementing the hazard-reduction program and plans shall not imply or create any liability in the state of Washington or the department except that the department may be liable if the department is negligent in making a final hazard-reduction plan or in approving the implementation of specific hazard-reduction measures.
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