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Forest insects and tree diseases are public nuisance.

The legislature finds and declares that:
(1) Forest insects and forest tree diseases which threaten the permanent timber production of the forested areas of the state of Washington are a public nuisance.
(2) Exotic forest insects or diseases, even in small numbers, can constitute serious threats to native forests. Native tree species may lack natural immunity. There are often no natural control agents such as diseases, predators, or parasites to limit populations of exotic forest insects or diseases. Exotic forest insects or diseases can also outcompete, displace, or destroy habitat of native species. It is in the public interest to identify, control, and eradicate outbreaks of exotic forest insects or diseases that threaten the diversity, abundance, and survivability of native forest trees and the environment.


Findings2003 c 314: See note following RCW 17.24.220.
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