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Federal approval. (Contingent expiration date; expires July 1, 2028.)

(1)(a) The authority shall request any approval from the federal centers for medicare and medicaid services it determines are necessary for the use of fees pursuant to this chapter and for the purpose of receiving associated federal matching funds.
(b) This chapter shall be implemented only to the extent that any necessary federal approvals are obtained and federal financial participation is available. The quality assurance fee pursuant to RCW 74.70.050 shall only be assessed and collected for quarters in which the add-on pursuant to RCW 74.70.060 is paid.
(2) The authority may modify or make adjustments to any methodology, fee amount, or other provision specified in this chapter to the minimum extent necessary to meet the requirements of federal law or regulations or to obtain federal approval. If the authority, after consulting with ambulance transport providers, determines that a modification is needed, the authority shall execute a declaration stating that this determination has been made and that the actual or projected available fee amount for a state fiscal year remains approximately equal to the actual or projected aggregate fee schedule amount for each applicable state fiscal year, as defined by RCW 74.70.050(2)(c). The authority shall retain the declaration and provide a copy, within ten working days of the execution of the declaration, to the appropriate fiscal and policy committees of the legislature.


Contingent expiration date2020 c 354: See RCW 74.70.100(4)(b).
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