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Definitions. (Contingent expiration date; expires July 1, 2028.)

The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Aggregate fee schedule amount" means the product of the add-on calculated pursuant to RCW 74.70.060(1) multiplied by the number of emergency ambulance transports for the state fiscal year.
(2) "Ambulance transport provider" means an ambulance transport provider that is licensed under RCW 18.73.140 that bills and receives patient care revenue from the provision of ground emergency ambulance transports. "Ambulance transport provider" does not include a provider that is owned or operated by the state, cities, counties, fire protection districts, regional fire protection service authorities, port districts, public hospital districts, community services districts, health care districts, federally recognized Indian tribes, or any unit of government as defined in 42 C.F.R. Sec. 433.50.
(3) "Annual quality assurance fee rate" means the quality assurance fee per emergency ambulance transport during each applicable state fiscal year assessed on each ambulance transport provider.
(4) "Authority" means the Washington state health care authority.
(5) "Available fee amount" means the sum of the following:
(a) The amount deposited in the ambulance transport fund established under RCW 74.70.030 during the applicable state fiscal year, less the amounts described in RCW 74.70.030(3)(a); and
(b) Any federal financial participation obtained as a result of the deposit of the amount described in this subsection, for the applicable state fiscal year.
(6) "Effective state medical assistance percentage" means a ratio of the aggregate expenditures from state-only sources for medicaid divided by the aggregate expenditures from state and federal sources for medicaid for a state fiscal year.
(7) "Emergency ambulance transport" means the act of transporting an individual by use of an ambulance during which a client receives needed emergency medical services en route to an appropriate medical facility. "Emergency ambulance transport" does not include transportation of beneficiaries by passenger cars, taxicabs, litter vans, wheelchair vans, or other forms of public or private conveyances, nor does it include transportation by an air ambulance provider. An "emergency ambulance transport" does not occur when, following evaluation of a patient, a transport is not provided.
(8) "Fee-for-service payment schedule" means the payment rates to ambulance transport providers for emergency ambulance transports by the authority without the inclusion of the add-on described in RCW 74.70.060.
(9) "Gross receipts" means the total amount of payments received as patient care revenue for emergency ambulance transports, determined on a cash basis of accounting. "Gross receipts" includes all payments received as patient care revenue for emergency ambulance transports from medicaid, medicare, commercial insurance, and all other payers as payment for services rendered.
(10) "Medicaid" means the medical assistance program and the state children's health insurance program as established in Title XIX and Title XXI of the social security act, respectively, and as administered in the state of Washington by the authority.
(11) "Program" means the ambulance quality assurance fee program established in this chapter.


Contingent expiration date2020 c 354: See RCW 74.70.100(4)(b).
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