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Legislative findings. (Effective until January 1, 2020.)

The legislature finds:
(1) There is a need for reevaluation of state policies and programs regarding indigent alcoholics and drug addicts;
(2) The practice of providing a cash grant may be causing rapid caseload growth and attracting transients to the state;
(3) Many chronic public inebriates have been recycled through county detoxification centers repeatedly without apparent improvement;
(4) The assumption that all individuals will recover through treatment has not been substantiated;
(5) The state must modify its policies and programs for alcoholics and drug addicts and redirect its resources in the interests of these individuals, the community, and the taxpayers; and
(6) Treatment resources should be focused on persons willing to commit to rehabilitation; and
(7) It is the intent of the legislature that, to the extent possible, shelter services be developed under this chapter that do not result in the displacement of existing emergency shelter beds. To the extent that shelter operators do not object, it is the intent of the legislature that any vacant shelter beds contracted for under this chapter be made available to provide emergency temporary shelter to homeless individuals.
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