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It is the intent of the legislature to provide a comprehensive program of long-term care information and support, including in-home and out-of-home respite care services, for family and other unpaid caregivers who provide the daily services required when caring for adults with functional disabilities. The family caregiver long-term care information and support services shall:
(1) Provide information, relief, and support to family or other unpaid caregivers of adults with functional disabilities;
(2) Encourage family and other nonpaid individuals to provide care for adults with functional disabilities at home, and thus offer a viable alternative to placement in a long-term care facility;
(3) Ensure that respite care is made generally available on a sliding-fee basis to eligible participants in the program according to priorities established by the department;
(4) Be provided in the least restrictive setting available consistent with the individually assessed needs of the adults with functional disabilities;
(5) Include services appropriate to the needs of persons caring for individuals with dementing illnesses; and
(6) Provide unpaid family and other unpaid caregivers with services that enable them to make informed decisions about current and future care plans, solve day-to-day caregiving problems, learn essential caregiving skills, and locate services that may strengthen their capacity to provide care.


Short title2000 c 207: "This act shall be known and cited as the Fred Mills act." [ 2000 c 207 § 1.]
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