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Financial institution data matches.

(1) Each calendar quarter financial institutions doing business in the state of Washington shall report to the department the name, record address, social security number or other taxpayer identification number, and other information determined necessary by the department for each individual who maintains an account at such institution and is identified by the department as owing a support debt.
(2) The department and financial institutions shall enter into agreements to develop and operate a data match system, using automated data exchanges to the extent feasible, to minimize the cost of providing information required under subsection (1) of this section.
(3) The department may pay a reasonable fee to a financial institution for conducting the data match not to exceed the actual costs incurred.
(4) A financial institution is not liable for any disclosure of information to the department under this section.
(5) The division of child support shall maintain all information gathered under this section confidential and shall only disclose this information as provided under RCW 26.23.120.


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