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Distraint, seizure and sale of property subject to liens under RCW 74.20A.060Procedure.

Whenever a support lien has been filed pursuant to RCW 74.20A.060, the secretary may collect the support debt stated in said lien by the distraint, seizure, and sale of the property subject to said lien. Not less than ten days prior to the date of sale, the secretary shall cause a copy of the notice of sale to be transmitted by regular mail and by any form of mailing requiring a return receipt to the debtor and any person known to have or claim an interest in the property. Said notice shall contain a general description of the property to be sold and the time, date, and place of the sale. The notice of sale shall be posted in at least two public places in the county wherein the distraint has been made. The time of sale shall not be less than ten nor more than twenty days from the date of posting of such notices. Said sale shall be conducted by the secretary, who shall proceed to sell such property by parcel or by lot at a public auction, and who may set a minimum reasonable price to include the expenses of making a levy and of advertising the sale, and if the amount bid for such property at the sale is not equal to the price so fixed, the secretary may declare such property to be purchased by the department for such price, or may conduct another sale of such property pursuant to the provisions of this section. In the event of sale, the debtor's account shall be credited with the amount for which the property has been sold. Property acquired by the department as herein prescribed may be sold by the secretary at public or private sale, and the amount realized shall be placed in the state general fund to the credit of the department of social and health services. In all cases of sale, as aforesaid, the secretary shall issue a bill of sale or a deed to the purchaser and said bill of sale or deed shall be prima facie evidence of the right of the secretary to make such sale and conclusive evidence of the regularity of his or her proceeding in making the sale, and shall transfer to the purchaser all right, title, and interest of the debtor in said property. The proceeds of any such sale, except in those cases wherein the property has been acquired by the department, shall be first applied by the secretary to reimbursement of the costs of distraint and sale, and thereafter in satisfaction of the delinquent account. Any excess which shall thereafter remain in the hands of the secretary shall be refunded to the debtor. Sums so refundable to a debtor may be subject to seizure or distraint by any taxing authority of the state or its political subdivisions or by the secretary for new sums due and owing subsequent to the subject proceeding. Except as specifically provided in this chapter, there shall be exempt from distraint, seizure, and sale under this chapter such property as is exempt therefrom under the laws of this state.


Effective date1987 c 435: See RCW 26.23.900.
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