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Medical assistanceSection 1115 demonstration waiver request.

(1) The authority shall submit a section 1115 demonstration waiver request to the federal department of health and human services to expand and revise the medical assistance program as codified in Title XIX of the federal social security act. The waiver request should be designed to ensure the broadest federal financial participation under Title XIX and XXI of the federal social security act. To the extent permitted under federal law, the waiver request should include the following components:
(a) Establishment of a single eligibility standard for low-income persons, including expansion of categorical eligibility to include childless adults. The authority shall request that the single eligibility standard be phased in such that incremental steps are taken to cover additional low-income parents and individuals over time, with the goal of offering coverage to persons with household income at or below two hundred percent of the federal poverty level;
(b) Establishment of a single seamless application and eligibility determination system for all state low-income medical programs included in the waiver. Applications may be electronic and may include an electronic signature for verification and authentication. Eligibility determinations should maximize federal financing where possible;
(c) The delivery of all low-income coverage programs as a single program, with a common core benefit package that may be similar to the basic health benefit package or an alternative benefit package approved by the secretary of the federal department of health and human services, including the option of supplemental coverage for select categorical groups, such as children, and individuals who are aged, blind, and disabled;
(d) A program design to include creative and innovative approaches such as: Coverage for preventive services with incentives to use appropriate preventive care; enhanced medical home reimbursement and bundled payment methodologies; cost-sharing options; use of care management and care coordination programs to improve coordination of medical and behavioral health services; application of an innovative predictive risk model to better target care management services; and mandatory enrollment in managed care, as may be necessary;
(e) The ability to impose enrollment limits or benefit design changes for eligibility groups that were not eligible under the Title XIX state plan in effect on the date of submission of the waiver application;
(f) A premium assistance program whereby employers can participate in coverage options for employees and dependents of employees otherwise eligible under the waiver. The waiver should make every effort to maximize enrollment in employer-sponsored health insurance when it is cost-effective for the state to do so, and the purchase is consistent with the requirements of Titles XIX and XXI of the federal social security act. To the extent allowable under federal law, the authority shall require enrollment in available employer-sponsored coverage as a condition of eligibility for coverage under the waiver; and
(g) The ability to share savings that might accrue to the federal medicare program, Title XVIII of the federal social security act, from improved care management for persons who are eligible for both medicare and medicaid. Through the waiver application process, the authority shall determine whether the state could serve, directly or by contract, as a medicare special needs plan for persons eligible for both medicare and medicaid.
(2) The authority shall hold ongoing stakeholder discussions as it is developing the waiver request, and provide opportunities for public review and comment as the request is being developed.
(3) The authority shall identify statutory changes that may be necessary to ensure successful and timely implementation of the waiver request as submitted to the federal department of health and human services as the apple health program for adults.
(4) The legislature must authorize implementation of any waiver approved by the federal department of health and human services under this section.


Effective dateFindingsIntentReportAgency transferReferences to head of health care authorityDraft legislation2011 1st sp.s. c 15: See notes following RCW 74.09.010.
Findings2009 c 545: See note following RCW 43.06.155.
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