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Veteran estate management programDirector authorityCriteria.

The director is authorized to implement a veteran estate management program and manage the estate of any incapacitated veteran or incapacitated veteran's dependent who:
(1) Is a bona fide resident of the state of Washington; and
(2) The United States department of veterans affairs or the social security administration has determined that the payment of benefits or entitlements is dependent upon the appointment of a federal fiduciary or representative payee; and
(3) Requires the services of a fiduciary and a responsible family member is not available; or
(4) Is deceased and has not designated an executor to dispose of the estate.
The director or any other interested person may petition the appropriate authority for the appointment as fiduciary for an incapacitated veteran or as the executor of the deceased veteran's estate. If appointed, the director may serve without bond. This section shall not affect the prior right to act as administrator of a veteran's estate of such persons as are denominated in RCW 11.28.120 (1) and (2), nor shall this section affect the appointment of executor made in the last will of any veteran.
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