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Benefits, preferences, exemptions, etc., limited to veterans subject to full, continuous military control.

All benefits, advantages or emoluments, not available upon equal terms to all citizens, including but not being limited to preferred rights to public employment, civil service preference, exemption from license fees or other impositions, preference in purchasing state property, which by any law of this state have been made specially available to war veterans or to persons who have served in the armed forces or defense forces of the United States, shall be available only to persons who have been subject to full and continuous military control and discipline as actual members of the federal armed forces or to persons defined as "veterans" in RCW 41.04.007. Service with such forces in a civilian capacity, or in any capacity wherein a person retained the right to terminate his or her service or to refuse full obedience to military superiors, shall not be the basis for eligibility for such benefits. Service in any of the following shall not for purposes of this section be considered as military service: The office of emergency services or any component thereof; the American Red Cross; the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary; United States Coast Guard Reserve Temporary; United States Coast and Geodetic Survey; American Field Service; Civil Air Patrol; Cadet Nurse Corps, and any other similar organization.


Emergency management: Chapter 38.52 RCW.
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