Chapter 72.04A RCW



72.04A.050Transfer of certain powers and duties of board of prison terms and paroles to secretary of corrections.
72.04A.070Plans and recommendations for conditions of supervision of parolees.
72.04A.080Parolees subject to supervision of departmentProgress reports.
72.04A.090Violations of parole or probationRevision of parole conditionsDetention.
72.04A.120Parolee supervision intake fees.
72.04A.900RCW 72.04A.050 through 72.04A.090 inapplicable to felonies committed after July 1, 1984.


Counties may provide probation and parole services: RCW 36.01.070.
Indeterminate sentence review board: Chapter 9.95 RCW.
Siting of community-based facilities: RCW 72.65.220.
Victims of crimes, reimbursement by convicted person as condition of work release or parole: RCW 7.68.120.