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Behavioral health consumer advocatesCertification.

The contracting advocacy organization shall develop and submit, for approval by the office, a process to train and certify all behavioral health consumer advocates, whether paid or volunteer, authorized by this chapter as follows:
(1) Certified behavioral health consumer advocates must have training or experience in the following areas:
(a) Behavioral health and other related social services programs, including behavioral health services for minors;
(b) The legal system, including differences in state or federal law between voluntary and involuntary patients, residents, or clients;
(c) Advocacy and supporting self-advocacy;
(d) Dispute or problem resolution techniques, including investigation, mediation, and negotiation; and
(e) All applicable patient, resident, and client rights established by either state or federal law.
(2) A certified behavioral health consumer advocate may not have been employed by any behavioral health provider or facility within the previous twelve months, except as a certified peer specialist or where prior to July 25, 2021, the person has been employed by a regional behavioral health consumer advocate.
(3) No certified behavioral health consumer advocate or any member of a certified behavioral health consumer advocate's family may have, or have had, within the previous twelve months, any significant ownership or financial interest in the provision of behavioral health services.
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