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Amounts owed to stateLien created.

If a licensee fails to pay the department within a reasonable time money owed to the state under this chapter, the obligation owed to the state shall constitute a lien on all property, both real and personal, owned by the obligor-licensee when the department records or files, pursuant to this section, a statement of claim against the obligor-licensee. The statement of claim against the obligor-licensee shall name the obligor-licensee, name the state as obligee, describe the obligation, and describe the property to be held in security for the obligation.
Statements of claim creating a lien on real property, fixtures, timber, agricultural products, oil, gas, or minerals shall be recorded with the county auditor in each county where the property is located. Statements of claim creating a lien in personal property, whether tangible or intangible, shall be filed with the department of licensing.
A lien recorded or filed pursuant to this section has priority over any lien, interest, or other encumbrance previously or thereafter recorded or filed concerning any property described in the statement of claim, to the extent allowed by federal law.
A lien created pursuant to this section shall continue in force until extinguished by foreclosure or bankruptcy proceedings or until a release of the lien signed by the secretary is recorded or filed in the place where the statement of claim was recorded or filed. The secretary shall sign and record or file a release only after the obligation owed to the state under this chapter, together with accrued interest and costs of collection has been paid.
[ 1987 c 184 s 3. Formerly RCW 70.121.140.]
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