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Multimedia permit pilot programAir, water, hazardous waste management.

(1) Not later than January 1, 1995, the department shall designate an industry type and up to ten individual facilities within that industry type to be the focus of a pilot multimedia program. The program shall be designed to coordinate department actions related to environmental permits, plans, approvals, certificates, registrations, technical assistance, and inspections. The program shall also investigate the feasibility of issuing facility-wide permits. The director shall determine the industry type and facilities based on:
(a) A review of at least three industry types; and
(b) Criteria which shall include at least the following factors:
(i) The potential for the industry to serve as a statewide model for multimedia environmental programs including pollution prevention;
(ii) Whether the industry type is subject to regulatory requirements relating to at least two of the following subject areas: Air quality, water quality, or hazardous waste management;
(iii) The existence within the industry type of a range of business sizes; and
(iv) Voluntary participation in the program.
(2) In developing the program, the department shall consult with and seek the cooperation of the environmental protection agency.
(3) For purposes of this section, "facility-wide permit" means a single multimedia permit issued by the department to the owner or operator of a facility incorporating the permits and any other relevant department approvals previously issued to the owner or operator or currently required by the department.


Conflict with federal requirements1994 c 248: "If any part of this act is found to be in conflict with federal requirements, the conflicting part of this act is inoperative solely to the extent of the conflict and with respect to the agencies directly affected, and this finding does not affect the operation of the remainder of this act in its application to the agencies concerned." [ 1994 c 248 § 5.]
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