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Waste reduction and recycling program to promote activities by state agenciesRecycled paper goal.

The legislature finds and declares that the buildings and facilities owned and leased by state government produce significant amounts of solid and hazardous wastes, and actions must be taken to reduce and recycle these wastes and thus reduce the costs associated with their disposal. In order for the operations of state government to provide the citizens of the state an example of positive waste management, the legislature further finds and declares that state government should undertake an aggressive program designed to reduce and recycle solid and hazardous wastes produced in the operations of state buildings and facilities to the maximum extent possible.
The office of waste reduction, in cooperation with the department of enterprise services, shall establish an intensive waste reduction and recycling program to promote the reduction of waste produced by state agencies and to promote the source separation and recovery of recyclable and reusable materials.
All state agencies, including but not limited to, colleges, community colleges, universities, offices of elected and appointed officers, the supreme court, court of appeals, and administrative departments of state government shall fully cooperate with the office of waste reduction and recycling in all phases of implementing the provisions of this section. The office shall establish a coordinated state plan identifying each agency's participation in waste reduction and recycling. The office shall develop the plan in cooperation with a multiagency committee on waste reduction and recycling. Appointments to the committee shall be made by the director of the department of enterprise services. The director shall notify each agency of the committee, which shall implement the applicable waste reduction and recycling plan elements. All state agencies are to use maximum efforts to achieve a goal of increasing the use of recycled paper by fifty percent by July 1, 1993.
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