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Rights of residents.

(1)(a) Every person who is a resident of an enhanced services facility shall be entitled to all the rights set forth in this chapter, and chapters 71.05 and * 70.96A RCW, and shall retain all rights not denied him or her under these chapters.
(b) No person shall be presumed incompetent as a consequence of receiving an evaluation or voluntary or involuntary treatment for a mental disorder, chemical dependency disorder, or both, under this chapter, or chapter 71.05 or * 70.96A RCW, or any prior laws of this state dealing with mental illness. Competency shall not be determined or withdrawn except under the provisions of chapter 10.77 or ** 11.88 RCW.
(c) At the time of his or her treatment planning meeting, every resident of an enhanced services facility shall be given a written statement setting forth the substance of this section. The department shall by rule develop a statement and process for informing residents of their rights in a manner that is likely to be understood by the resident.
(2) Every resident of an enhanced services facility shall have the right to adequate care and individualized treatment.
(3) The provisions of this chapter shall not be construed to deny to any person treatment by spiritual means through prayer in accordance with the tenets and practices of a church or religious denomination.
(4) Persons receiving evaluation or treatment under this chapter shall be given a reasonable choice of an available physician or other professional person qualified to provide such services.
(5) The physician-patient privilege or the psychologist-client privilege shall be deemed waived in proceedings under this chapter relating to the administration of antipsychotic medications. As to other proceedings under chapter 10.77, *70.96A, or 71.05 RCW, the privileges shall be waived when a court of competent jurisdiction in its discretion determines that such waiver is necessary to protect either the detained person or the public.
(6) Insofar as danger to the person or others is not created, each resident of an enhanced services facility shall have, in addition to other rights not specifically withheld by law, the following rights, a list of which shall be prominently posted in all facilities, institutions, and hospitals providing such services:
(a) To wear his or her own clothes and to keep and use his or her own personal possessions, except when deprivation of same is essential to protect the safety of the resident or other persons;
(b) To keep and be allowed to spend a reasonable sum of his or her own money for canteen expenses and small purchases;
(c) To have access to individual storage space for his or her private use;
(d) To have visitors at reasonable times;
(e) To have reasonable access to a telephone, both to make and receive confidential calls, consistent with an effective treatment program;
(f) To have ready access to letter writing materials, including stamps, and to send and receive uncensored correspondence through the mails;
(g) Not to consent to the administration of antipsychotic medications beyond the hearing conducted pursuant to RCW 71.05.215 or 71.05.217, or the performance of electroconvulsant therapy, or surgery, except emergency lifesaving surgery, unless ordered by a court under RCW 71.05.217;
(h) To discuss and actively participate in treatment plans and decisions with professional persons;
(i) Not to have psychosurgery performed on him or her under any circumstances;
(j) To dispose of property and sign contracts unless such person has been adjudicated an incompetent in a court proceeding directed to that particular issue; and
(k) To complain about rights violations or conditions and request the assistance of a mental health ombuds or representative of Washington protection and advocacy. The facility may not prohibit or interfere with a resident's decision to consult with an advocate of his or her choice.
(7) Nothing contained in this chapter shall prohibit a resident from petitioning by writ of habeas corpus for release.
(8) Nothing in this section permits any person to knowingly violate a no-contact order or a condition of an active judgment and sentence or active supervision by the department of corrections.
(9) A person has a right to refuse placement, except where subject to commitment, in an enhanced services facility. No person shall be denied other department services solely on the grounds that he or she has made such a refusal.
(10) A person has a right to appeal the decision of the department that he or she is eligible for placement at an enhanced services facility, and shall be given notice of the right to appeal in a format that is accessible to the person with instructions regarding what to do if the person wants to appeal.


Reviser's note: *(1) Chapter 70.96A RCW was repealed and/or recodified in its entirety pursuant to 2016 sp.s. c 29 §§ 301, 601, and 701.
**(2) Chapter 11.88 RCW was repealed in its entirety by 2019 c 437 § 801, effective January 1, 2021.
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